Tatoo Removal

A tattoo in disfavour is an unpleasant experience. Thankfully, removal of a tattoo is much easier and more effective than it used to be. Tattoo removal brings great relief in such circumstances of “Tattoo Regret”.

Modern tattoo removal is safe, most of the time leaving skin as normal as it ever was. The process of near complete removal is usually achieved within 5_8 treatments for the darker colours.

The procedure is generally quick, but a large tattoo may extend on beyond the usual 15 minutes.

The treatment is completed using two lasers, the first to shatter the ink fragments in the skin, and the second to stimulate skin turnover.

Both lasers are considered in your treatment time as one session. The second pass laser is well worth it, not only from an economical standpoint for the extra few minutes, but also from the point of view of good safe healing.

Before any testing or treatment, we will inform the patient of the pros, cons, risks, benefits, and alternatives to the treatment. We will proceed to testing if that is desired. By the time the information and testing is done, the patient is well prepared to make their decision.

The wound is dressed and the patient is sent home with a post-treatment outline.

Follow up is usually 4 to 6 weeks later, allowing the skin to adequately heal.

Complications such as scar formation are very rare, and early presentation back to the MD will prompt action that usually reverses any scar formation.

Pigments around the tattoo are generally disrupted for a few months, but they slowly return to even, natural pigments within a few months.