ACNE Treatment

Introducing the new generation in skin restoration, the Acne Skin Treatment system. Prescribed by physicians, this effective and easy to use system is used daily to achieve the results you want, from erasing wrinkles and hyper pigmentation to eliminating acne and tightening the pores.

The Acne Skin Treatment- Is a flexible skincare regimen that can be used by all skin types and shades.

What the Acne Treatment System can do for you:

  •     Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  •     Treat pimples and acne.
  •     Smooth texture.
  •     Reduce the size of the pores.
  •     Improve the skin’s elasticity, thereby making it feel and look firmer.
  •     Balance out skin tone for a more even complexion.
  •     Reduce or increase oil production to a normal level.
  •     Minimize the appearance of age spots and /or other types of hyper pigmentation.
  •     Enhance moisture retention, making the skin smoother and more suppler.
  •     Strengthening the skin and making it more tolerant to all external factors.

The system is also ideal for preparing the skin for an aesthetic medical procedure, and assisting in recovery. Follow your customized system at home to address your unique complexion concerns or to complement your in-clinic chemical peel or laser skin treatment.
What to Expect

We understand that the skin’s restoration relies on three crucial phases. The length of each is determined by your custom tailored skin treatment program as prescribed by your medical skin care specialist at gloss. These three phases of restoration result in the optimal renewal of your skin. Speak to one of our medical consultants to obtain the right course of treatment for you.